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conceptual-figurative art

"I love trend art. I love pop art and graffiti art. I just don't love to do them. I think I stick with more traditional art because my art is for me and not necessarily for the viewers. I think it's a sad thing to admit that my art comes out of a need for healing instead of enjoyment. It's a realistic answer for me and I'm trying to embrace that. I guess my work serves as a way for me to gauge if I'm still capable, which is a question I asked myself more often these days. Maybe my art is a little bit of reassurance that I still have value."



Oils on 24x30 inch handmade cotton rag panel

Little black boys, big black men
It doesn't matter
They want ALL of you.
They want to possess you, control you, keep you. 
They desire to have you, eat you, be you. 
That strong black thigh taste like chicken.
Ask those who got a taste of old Nat.
They want to consume your strength, your beauty, your power
And leave you.
Little black boys, big black men
Listen to the cries of the buck broken,
Of the strung up and phallus-less,
Chopped up and passed around like pigs-in-a-blanket on a platter so everyone gets a taste
At the pic-ni-gger.

'If We Had Wings'

August 18th, 2023

Gallery Guichard in Chicago, IL

6-9 pm CST

'If We Had Wings' marries elements of contemporary Blackness and historical events, ranging from the Black experience in rural Texas to the African diaspora in Medieval Europe. Afi paints what she knows from her childhood as well as what she hopes for the future of her people.

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